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5 driving test myths and mistakes

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Myth: Driving examiners enjoy failing drivers.

Clearly this is a myth, of course driving examiners do not enjoy failing learner drivers. What you have to remember is that driving instructors are professionals and is their duty to the public and other road users that only skilled drivers are allowed on the road. In actual fact driving examiners would rather pass than fail a learner driver, the reason…

Less paperwork!

Mistake: Adjusting you mirror in order to make your head movements more obvious.

This is a huge mistake to make, examiners are trained professionals and look closely at your eye movements not excessive head jerking. Don’t fall into this trap, if anything you are more likely to fail as your mirror will not be correctly positioned.

Myth: Can driving examiners only pass a certain number of pupils per week.

Definitely not true, if you are up to the standard you will pass, if you do not pass the exam you need more practice.

Myth: My driving examiner doesn’t like me.

Sounds like an excuse to me… and it is one! Examiners are professionals who are not prejudice when it comes to the test.

Myth: The age limit for driving is rising to 18!

This is not true so don’t worry. Even if this were to eventually change it would have to go through parliament and would take up to 3 years to pass, You should be passed in that amount of time!

If you have any other myths or mistakes that you feel we should add in please get in contact with Courts School of Motoring through our contact form and we will aim to add these to the second addition of this post coming in the coming weeks.

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